MHG-013 Door side storage box

Transforms the open section of the door armrest into storage space.

Left- and right-side set
(for right-hand drive vehicles)

Product Dimensions
Right side
H7.1×W2.0×D2.8 in
H181×W53×D72 mm
Product Dimensions
Left side
H10.3×W2.5×D3.7 in
H263×W64×D95 mm
Storage size
Right side
H3.0×W0.9×D2.6 in
H78×W24×D67 mm
Storage size
Left side
H4.5×W1.1×D3.5 in
H115×W28×D90 mm
Maximum storage weight 35oz

For driver-side door

For passenger-side door


  1. MHG-016 Grip Storage Box

  2. MHG-008 Grip Storage Box