MHG-015 Cup holder

For Right Air Vent of Mercedes-Benz E-Class, for Left Air Vent of C-Class (W205, etc), Specifically Designed, Assembled in Japan.

Product features
  • This A/C-vent-mounted cup holder is specially designed for use in current generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class, C-Class (W205 and related models) ,V-Class (W447) vehicles.
    It is to be attached to the right side A/C vent of E-Class (W213/ S213) vehicles and to be attached to the left side A/C vent of C-Class. (W205 and related models) ,V-Class (W447) vehicles.
  • The product’s piano black finish is topped with a sleek satin chrome styling that resonates with the design of the vents themselves, ensuring that the cup holders look right at home in your vehicle’s interior.
  • Installation is quick and easy. Simply tighten the screw with the included hex wrench to keep the product firmly attached to the A/C vent louvers. 
    Uses a specially designed clip for firm and secure installation that minimizes unwanted vibration.
  • A small dial located along the top of the cup holder allows for easy adjustment.
    Accommodates a variety of drink sizes, from slim aluminum cans to wide 20 fl oz plastic bottles (up to 2.87 inches in diameter).

*In addition to this MHG-015 there is also a model of number MHG-022 with the same shape and both models can be used for the C-Class, GLC, and V-Class with same functionality. The MHG-022 cannot be used for E-class.
*It is not to be attached to the turbine-style design A/C vent of V-Class..

Product Dimensions H2.4×W3.8×D4.1 in
H62xW96xD104 mm
Max Cup Diameter Diameter W2~2.8 in
(W53~75 mm)
Max Load 20oz(600g)


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