MHG-002 Smartphone holder

Our vehicle-specific smartphone mounts have been designed for ideal compatibility with specific vehicle models. The mounts feature die-cast aluminum grips that smoothly extend and retract to hold your device snugly in place.
The included installation kit ensures solid attachment of the mount. Boasts an exquisite design complementing the existing beauty of the vehicle interior. Its slim profile sets it apart from conventional mount designs without sacrificing the ability to adjust viewing angle. The grips are lined with soft resin for gentle yet firm support of the mounted device. Provides a degree of sturdiness, sureness, and convenience only achievable through custom design.


For Side Louvers of Early or Late Models
For Central Louvers of Early Models

Product Dimensions H1.1×W3.0×D2.4 in
H27×W77×D60 mm
Phone Widht W2.3 to 3.4 in (W58 to 86mm)
Max Phone Weight 8.8oz (250g)


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