Caution about counterfeit products
Cup holder for G-Class (W463A) – MHG-026, MHG-027

We have confirmed that imitations of AZUTO’s “Cup holder for G-Class (W463A) – MHG-026, MHG-027” are on the market in China.

The counterfeit products have imitated not only the product itself but also the individual packaging box, labels, JAN code,
instruction manual, etc.

The counterfeit products that we have confirmed have the following differences compared to the genuine products:
– The label on the individual packaging box is has a yellow tint.

– The logo on the coaster is inverted.

– The product is not wrapped in bubble wrap and is exposed (this may change)
– The color of the top of the cup holder is brighter. The genuine product has a color tone that matches the hairline panel of G-Class (W463A) and is more grayish.

– Since the sheet metal of the metal clip is bent, the louver may be easily scratched and damaged during installation.
Counterfeit MHG-026 (for right louver) lifts easily when installed, and it may fall off during use.

As a company policy, we will not accept returns, exchanges, repairs, complaints, etc. for products that are not genuine products purchased at authorized retailers.
Please resolve any problems associated with non-genuine products with the seller.

We are striving to eradicate counterfeit products by identifying counterfeit products and requesting the suspension of sales via unauthorized sales sites so that customers can purchase our products with peace of mind.

We advise all customers to be careful not to purchase counterfeit products.
Please purchase our products from an authorized retailer.